How pentonium works ?

Pentonium has efficiently removed all registration process.Anyone can act as a service provider as well as the client just by connecting their Metamask wallet. They can fix the amount for their work (However, the price can vary depending on the level of the project demanded by the client) and time period of the project. Once the deal is locked, the amount from the wallet of the client is locked in an escrow contract and the timer is activated. All the information shared between the client and the service provider goes through IPFS end to end encrypted chat service. After successful completion of the project within the time limit , the client will hit the “PAY” icon and the amount will be transferred to the wallet of the service provider. However, service providers can use the ”Drop This Job” button to release the fund locked in the escrow contract. The fund will be sent back to the client. In case of dispute, both parties have to pay a fee for dispute resolution (If one party is to negate on depositing the fee, they would lose the case on the basis of non-participation) After the fee is received, the complete chat between them will be transferred to the Marshals.

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