Browsing the jobs

Anyone can browse the jobs without any registration protocol.

Placing an order

Client can place an order once they have connected their metamask wallet, they can choose the desired gig and hit the order button.

Checking order status

Once the order is placed, clients can check if their order is confirmed or declined by the service provider in their order list.

After order confirmation

Once the deal is locked all the information shared between the client and the service provider goes through IPFS end to end encrypted chat service.

There can be 3 possible cases

  1. On successful completion of project

The service provider will get the amount after client hit the pay icon.

2. On project cancellation

The service provider can use the 'drop the job' button to release the locked funds.

3. In case of dispute

The service providers have to raise a dispute and pay a fee for dispute resolution. The marshals will look into the project and judge accordingly.

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